Khate Raho, a great way to fill your hunger !

Agra has always been the hub of food or, can be regarded as the magical paradise for people who love food. There are more than 110 restaurants, 51 hotels, and around 300 bakers and confectioners in Agra. We know how it feels when your favourite food is placed in front of you. Delightful. But in real life, it’s difficult to go to a fine restaurant/hotel everyday. Moreover it will cost you a lot. So what to do! Don’t worry, that’s where Khate Raho comes in.

Khate Raho gives you an exclusive access to the restaurants/confectioners/bakers and their Menus to pick and choose your favourite food online. It means you don’t have to go to the restaurants/confectioners/bakers, to have your delicious food. The food will be delivered to your doorstep - and in just a few clicks. Isn’t that amazing?

Khate Raho provides you the best food. Along with that, Khate Raho provides services like:

  • Full Customer Support (including Phone, Email and Live Chat)
  • Cash Back or Concession with food coupons and deals
  • Restaurant’s Review section for your valuable comments
  • Cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Thai, Sushi & more
  • Guaranteed Customer Safety
  • Search the best restaurant and their food in your locality
  • Get notification on your mobile about your food and order no.
  • Check the best price by evaluating the same food provided by different restaurants at different prices
  • Special offers for the valuable customers
  • Get updates, Advice on What you should eat

You just enjoy, every moment of your life, and let us handle your food hunger. So whenever you’re late, or, you’re tired and don’t want to go out for food, just log on to Khate Raho. And enjoy your food.

Hey Eaters/Users, if you would like to Pre-register on KhateRaho (which is free and will always be), So Just Contact Us