Chocolate Wontons


01 Nov 2014
Posted By   Rakhi Singh

Dark chocolate chopped 1 cup, Wonton sheets 12-16, Fresh cream 1 cup, Walnuts roasted and chopped 1 tablespoon, Almonds roasted and chopped 1 tablespoon, Oil for deep-frying, Refined flour slurry for sealing

Cooking Instructions
1- Heat cream in a non-stick pan till just warm. 2- Using a cookie cutter, cut out discs from half the wonton sheets and let the remaining be as it is. 3- Add chocolate to warm cream, switch off heat and mix well till the chocolate melts completely. Add walnuts and almonds and mix well. Transfer the ganache into a bowl and chill in the refrigerator. 4 Heat sufficient oil in a wok. 5- Place round and square wonton sheets on the worktop. Apply flour slurry on the edges and place a spoonful of ganache in the centre. Bring the edges together to seal, fold using flour slurry and give your choice of shape to the wontons. 6- Deep-fry wontons in hot oil till crisp and lightly browned. Drain on absorbent paper. 7- Arrange on a serving plate and serve immediately.