Slow Roast Garlic And Lemon Chicken


14 Aug 2014
Posted By   Sanam Khan

Chicken legs 8, Garlic 10 cloves, Lemons, cut into 8 pieces, Thyme 2 teaspoons, Olive oil 3 tablespoons, Vegetable stock 1 cup, Black pepper powder to taste

Cooking Instructions
1- Preheat the oven at 150°C. Place the chicken legs on a roasting pan. 2- In a bowl mix garlic, lemon, thyme and oil. Spread this mixture over the chicken legs. 3- Pour the vegetable stock and some black pepper powder. 4- Cover tightly with a foil and cook it in the oven for two hours. 5- Remove the foil and turn the oven to 200°C.and cook uncovered for half an hour or till the chicken has turns brown. 6- Serve hot.