Restaurant Contactless Menu Ordering By QR Code

Multiple ways to satisfy customers by offering simplified QR code tableside ordering, delivery, takeaway, contactless payments and many more. Increase 3x times your sales volume by using KhateRaho. QR code menus is a convenient solution for restaurants looking to modernize their dining experience while prioritizing safety and efficiency.


Features & Benefits of QR Ordering

Keep Safe – Enable Qr Menu

The single most reusable item in the restaurant is the menu. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sanitize a printed menu after every use. The solution, QR Ordering via the guest mobile. The guest scans a QR code on his / her mobile, sees the menu and places the order.

Increase efficiency with improved
table turn-around 

Implementing self-service ordering with QR codes and contactless payment through KhateRaho Qr code. It can significantly improve your table turn-around times. It can also help to reduce the number of people walking around at any time.

Free up staff to focus on other tasks

Manually taking orders and payments slowing you down? Automating them frees up your staff for tasks that add value to your business and allows them to efficiently focus on delivering great customer service and cultivating memorable dining experiences .

Contactless Ordering

Customers can scan a QR code with their smartphone to access the digital menu and place orders without the need for physical menus or interaction with staff.

Instant Access

No need to download any application. Simply scan the QR code, and a link will instantly appear on your browser, providing quick access to the desired content.

Visual Delights

Showcasing high-quality images of the dishes along with crave-worthy descriptions allows customers to visualize their dishes, making the overall dining experience more enjoyable. 


Effortless Ordering:

Harnessing the Power of QR Codes

QR Code Usage Takes Off

Utilization of QR codes in restaurants has transformed the dining experience, offering a seamless and contactless approach to accessing menus, placing orders, and making payments. With a simple scan of a QR code using their smartphones, patrons can instantly access digital menus, complete with enticing visuals and detailed descriptions of dishes. This eliminates the need for physical menus, reducing touchpoints and enhancing hygiene practices.

Beyond menu browsing, QR codes enable diners to place orders directly from their devices, streamlining the ordering process and minimizing wait times. Additionally, QR code-based payment systems facilitate quick and secure transactions, providing convenience and peace of mind to both customers and restaurant staff.


Seamless Dining: Enhancing Customer Experience with QR Codes

With QR codes seamlessly integrated into the dining process, patrons can enjoy a heightened level of convenience and efficiency. Upon arrival, customers can simply scan a QR code to access digital menus, eliminating the need for physical menus and minimizing touchpoints. This contactless approach not only enhances safety but also streamlines the ordering process, allowing diners to browse through menu options, view images, and read descriptions with ease.

Moreover, QR codes facilitate quick and secure payments, enabling customers to settle their bills directly from their smartphones. By leveraging QR codes, restaurants can enhance the overall dining experience, providing patrons with a tech-savvy and modern approach that prioritizes convenience, efficiency, and safety.


Why KhaterRaho Is Best Digital Menu For Restaurants?

Unlocking Efficiency For Restaurants Using Menu QR Codes


Whether you’re looking to enhance the dining experience or increase profits, a QR code menu is a cost-effective and versatile solution that’s worth considering.

Turn Tables Faster

More efficient service results in faster table turn times. QR code menus that include both an ordering system and bill pay capabilities reduces the idle time guests spend at the table waiting to order and waiting for the server to present the bill and then process the payment.



Use Fewer Staff Members

With the current labor shortage, all operators are looking for ways to create labor efficiencies. QR code menus can enable you to manage in-house dining with fewer servers. QR codes enable customers to place orders, access menus, and make payments directly from their smartphones, minimizing the need for staff intervention.

Real-Time Updates To Menu And Pricing

With the use of digital menus, QSRs may instantly inform their customers of offers, pricing, and sold-out goods. Digital menus instantly change across touchpoints, even during service, in place of depending on waiters or scrawled chalkboards to communicate information from the kitchen. 



Reduced Costs And Increased Revenue

Time and money are also saved with QR codes. You won’t need to keep printing new menus this way, especially if your business is still in its initial phases. You shall continue to save funds even if you have to print and place QR codes throughout your institution because they take up very little room.

Orders made simple with QR code menus

Embrace the future of dining with our POS system’s Advanced QR Ordering – where convenience meets innovation, empowering your customers to order with ease, speed, and style!

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