Simplicity in Stock

Effortless Inventory Mastery

 Implementing an effective inventory management system allows you to monitor stock levels accurately and make informed purchasing decisions. It enable you to track ingredient usage, set par levels for each item, and generate purchase orders when stock levels reach a certain threshold.


Spend Less Time In Managing Your Orders

Organize Your Recipes

Standardizing recipes for menu items, as well as managing the associated food quantity and delivery area. It allows you to quickly and easily change recipe parameters for a single or multiple recipes or make a new recipe across all your locations in just one click.


Optimizing Raw Material

Efficiently organize inventory replenishment and establish ‘low stock’ notifications through KhateRaho inventory management. You can design menus that make efficient use of available ingredients, reducing the need for excessive inventory and minimizing the risk of spoilage.

Effective Stock Management

This feature helps you keep track of ingredients, showing what’s popular and needs more use in recipes. It lists each ingredient along with its opening stock, purchase amount, sales amount, and closing stock. It can help to avoid understocking, leading to stockouts and decreased sales.


Manage Suppliers

This module facilitates the seamless management of relationships with various suppliers, streamlining the procurement process from order placement to delivery. It fosters transparency and accountability in supplier transactions, providing valuable insights into spending patterns and supplier performance metrics.

Discover What KhateRaho

Inventory Can Do

Generate insightful reports

Identify your most profitable item, or monitor purchasing and sales order trends to make informed decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.

Manage orders efficiently

Effortlessly manage your supply chain dynamics. Seamlessly generate purchase orders directly from sales orders to customers, ensuring orders are fulfilled promptly without delays.

Never run out of stock again

Gone are the days of being out-of-stock. Have the right stock at the right time with KhateRaho. Reorder items exactly when they’re needed by setting reorder and alert points for your inventory.

Clear Inventory Visibility

Manage your inventory with a unified log-in panel. This will let you handle the stock movement easily and gain clear visibility of inventory across multiple sales.

Returned Inventory Restocking 

Implement a quality check process for returned items. Successful quality check leads to restocking for sales or redirection to a rejected lot for further action.

Minimized Pilferage And Wastage

Effective management for both customer and returns, ensuring efficient restocking and minimizing wastage. It enhance profitability and improve operational efficiency.

A quick and 3x times more reliable order fulfillment system

Systemize your order management

With KhateRaho



The responsive design leads to adapting the mobile screen size, whether one is changing the size of the desktop tab or can browse from a tablet or mobile.


Real-time tracking

With this handy feature, you can avoid the nightmare of running out of essential ingredients or dealing with excess stock. It provides you with accurate information about a stock’s availability.


Flexibility and Customization

You can easily adjust inventory levels, reorder points, and storage locations to accommodate fluctuations in demand or supply chain disruptions.


Alerts And Notifications

Automatic notifications when inventory levels fall below a predefined threshold, enabling timely replenishment of stock to prevent shortages.

More than just an inventory management system

Set up an order fulfillment system for your restaurant with KhateRaho Inventory. It helps you to simplify work flow, fulfill orders faster, and gain customer trust.

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