Boosting Revenue: How KhateRaho POS Drives Sales Growth for Restaurants

Effortlessly manage a seamless integration of Delivery, Dine-in, and Counter/Takeaway orders within a single platform. Streamline order-taking processes, effortlessly compute bills, and swiftly generate Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT).

KhateRaho POS is more than just a point-of-sale system; it’s a powerful tool designed to drive sales growth and enhance profitability for restaurants of all sizes. Let’s explore some of the key features that make KhateRaho POS a game-changer for boosting revenue:

1. Intuitive Ordering Interface

KhateRaho POS offers an intuitive and user-friendly ordering interface that makes it easy for your staff to take orders quickly and accurately. With customizable menu options, modifiers, and special instructions, servers can efficiently navigate through the ordering process, ensuring a seamless experience for both staff and customers.

2. QR Ordering

Embrace the future of dining with our POS system’s Advanced QR Ordering – where convenience meets innovation, empowering your customers to order with ease, speed, and style!

3. GST tax & discounts calculations

Integrating tax and discounts calculations into sales transactions requires precision and automation to avoid errors. No manual calculations and also supports multi-rate invoices.

4. Touch Friendly

Touch-screen compatibility ensures your POS software works on desktop as well as tablet. It enhanced user experience so that you can focus on stuff that matters – your food & your service.

5. Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

KhateRaho POS provides robust reporting and analytics features that empower you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategy. Track key metrics such as sales performance, peak hours, and popular menu items in real-time to identify trends and opportunities. Armed with actionable insights, you can adjust pricing strategies, menu offerings, and staffing levels to maximize sales potential and capitalize on emerging trends.

6. Efficient KOT Management System

Indicating the progress of the order from queue to cooking. With convenient download options, the KOT facilitates efficient communication between the kitchen staff and servers, ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment.

7. Table and area management

KhateRaho POS provides a visual representation of the restaurant’s floor plan, allowing hosts and managers to optimize table assignments and maximize seating capacity. It minimizes the risk of overbooking tables.

8. Splitting Payment at Dining

Embrace flexibility with payment options, whether it’s splitting bills or merging tables. This enhances the overall dining experience, leaving a positive impression on guests, and ensures a smooth bill-splitting process


With its intuitive ordering interface, upselling prompts, tableside payment processing and robust reporting and analytics features, KhateRaho POS is a powerhouse solution for driving sales growth in restaurants. By leveraging these key features, restaurant owners and managers can optimize their sales strategy, enhance the customer experience, and boost revenue to new heights.

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